Sunday, August 21, 2016

A $30 Wireless Weather Monitor Using a Raspberry Pi Zero

My weekend project was a wireless ambient condition monitor for the home. I used an RPi Zero (yep, i got one by mail order), SSD1306 .96" OLED, micro-usb adapter, cheap nubby Edimax wifi adapter (i have two cheaper ones, $3 MT7601s, on order), BME280 sensor, $0.67 and $0.68 junction cover and box from Homeless Despot (makes a great Zero case, and there are inexpensive heavy-duty waterproof ones that can easily hold an RPi 3 for about $7!! I'll building a remote weather station over the next month), some scrap Lexan (can't see it, but i hot-glued the display onto the Lexan), a cheap 4GB Sandis, microsdhc, and a 'Y' cable w/GPIO female headers.

All in all, a lot of fun, and now I have another visual trinket for the guest room. It has already come in handy to help us cool the kitchen by monitoring lowered temps due to the use of shades (they make about a 5-degree difference).

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