Thursday, August 25, 2016

Best MicroSDHC for Beaglebone and Raspberry Pi

yep, here it is:

don't waste your money on lesser or more expensive brands... i have used these for months on end, even in an RPi3 running 24/7, and have yet to have one fail... Sandisk? Transcend? Kingston? ackpht! i have had failures with all those...

also, make sure not to get burned on counterfeits - Asian scum have infiltrated the manufacturer and distributor chains at Amazon and mom-and-pop cellphone stores...

that said, i can generally find these for US$10.99-$12.99 at a local box-mart electronics place with the initials 'bravo bravo' (you know who i'm talking about, right?)

UPDATE: finally, after more than two years' uptime, my sdhc shit the bed after a power surge here at the casa - always, always keep an update/copy on hand - cheap insurance - it was my internet radio/music server/thermal printer and i was able to get back up to speed in less than two minutes!

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