Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Yet Another Confusing Arduino Issue - YUN

found this today:

concerning the Yun on


As many of you know, there is a split with the Arduino organization. The two are generally two Internet domains that encompass the two parties - and To be clear on the separation, does NOT have the Arduino Yun, but is creating a new product with a new partner. has the Yun, Yun mini, Tian, Uno wireless - and other similar products.

There are several issues for developers.
- what are the new products
- support for hardware
- support for software
- will some libraries still be support, like Bridge
- forum support

For .org, it is creating new products and we see them every few months. This is organization is being helped by doghunter. Neither the .org or doghunter have stated any allegiance to open source. The issue this creates is that some developer are unlikely to contribute to the massive software pool mostly available on .cc  One small note, if you look on the back of the original Yun you will see a "dog Hunter" imprint. It is underneath the Ethernet port, on the back side of the PC board.

For .cc, which is known as Genuino in most part of the world - expect the USA, they have struggled to produce significantly new products, and their new partnerships with Adafruit and Seeed have not yield any significantly new products. The challenge is - how will they address the growing IOT market - no response yet on this.

On the libraries, both groups appear to be making advancement. However, new contributions are continuing with .cc, not as much with .org.

On the support forums, .cc definitely had the advantage.

so there you have it... but of course you may also own a Seeedstudio Cloud or a Dragino Yun Shield

i like them all, but really when you can have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or a Raspberry Pi Zero

why? well, if you're a real-time hacker and have a need for speed, low power consumption, the 'Yun' model may work for you - best of both worlds?

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