Wednesday, September 21, 2016

VW Dieselgate

Update: It's raining money! Looks like another check, in the amount of $350 is coming our way! This diesel wagon is the gift that keeps on giving!

Update: the software modification for Phase 1 results in great mileage - nearly 40mpg in combined city/hwy driving - and the $4,622 check from VW is a nice bonus... also, we just got word that Bosch is going to send out a check for $350 for its part in the settlement - that's about 6,000 miles of free diesel for our 2015 Golf TDI S DSG Sportwagen! EXCELLENT!!! and sometime this year there will be a hardware sensor update which will net us another check for over $2,000!!! W00T!!!! 

Update: Phase 1 Emissions Modification complete! Received and EFT of $4,622.22 - thanks, VW!!! Here's the sticker:

Update: here's a pic for a fellow on the tdiclub forum who is experiencing some constant fan noise... hopefully this pic, which matches his engine, may alleviate thought of the cabling being a problem:

Update: Just filled up Von Diesel for less than $17! We'll track the mileage to see how well the new mod does on fuel consumption:

Update: We just had the Phase 1 Emissions Modification done! here's what the car menu says:

It's going to rain money Real Soon Now... after purchasing our wonderful 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI S Sportwagen, we have received $1,000 in dealer and cash debit cards, and we'll now be getting more than $4,250 for an electronics control unit re-flash; 18 months later, we'll get another check for more than $2,500... this means we bought the equivalent of a BMW diesel station wagon ($44.5K MSRP) for $18.5K!!! w00t!

now we're just waiting for uploaded document approval and Oct. 18th...

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