Wednesday, May 3, 2017

WD PiDrive Node Zero wireless Zero Upgrade!

Just snagged a WD PiDrive Node Zero from WD today! I had also ordered the enclosure.

 This nice little compact board comes with a 300GB WD USB drive *and* an RPi Zero!
 In just a couple minutes I extracted the RPi0 out of the node and installed a new RPi0W; extraction was a careful affair, but easily accomplished - the Zero is attached by its two micro-usb ports, but i had to first use an H1.3 security bit to remove the four screws holding the Zero in the add-on USB board (don't know why WD didn't use small Phillips heads)

i had previously configured a recent Raspbian Pixel distro on the RPi0W's sdhc, so i just kept it in and powered up the Node Zero.
My new little computer runs great! i use a 2.4A USB power supply... as a bonus:
- the WD Node Zero came with a micro->HDMI stubby cable (not needed, but nice to have)
- the WD Node Zero offers two USB ports (handy, but not necessary thanks to the new wifi capabilities
- the enclosure came with a small torx screwdriver!
- *and* i now have a spare Zero to play with!

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