Thursday, February 15, 2018

Recrowning a NAA Mini

Recrowning my NAA Mini

I have enjoyed shooting my NAA mini mag and Sidewinder. However, the mini mag has consistently shot low and to sometimes to the left off the POA (point of aim):

So I took a closer look at the crown of the muzzle:
As you can see, there is little in the way of factory polish or refinishing (although I didn't take a pic of my Sidewinder's muzzle, it has a bit better polish). 

So, taking the advice of other Internet cheapskate gun owners, I popped down to the local Homeless Despot to purchase the highly expensive recrowning toolkit in the hardware section, which contains 6 #8 -32 x 1 in machine screws in brass:
I already had a small kit of Porter Cable's cleaning and polishing compound:
 Next, I chucked the recrowning bit into my variable-speed electric drill, heavily applied some #1 compound, then while holding my mini, let the weight of the drill press against the muzzle while the drill rotated the rounded head of the machine screw - all while moving the drill in a circular motion to evenly apply the compound. After a few applications, I moved onto #2 compound, then #3, then finished with #5:
The next day I headed to the range and shot the same ammo at the same distance using the same grip and support (my small range bag):

 As you can see, I pulled one flyer. The first five rounds were vertically in-line from below to the target. The next five were close in. I'm pretty pleased and hope to enjoy a tad better accuracy now when practicing!

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