Thursday, July 4, 2019

Xiegu G1M Transceiver Portable Remote

Raspberry Pi Portable Xiegu G1M Transceiver Controller

Here is a portable remote control for my G1M using flrig. Note that both the computer and G1M are portable and running off a small battery (Lithium w/6Ah 12V and 3A 5V USB output). All you have to do is hook the Xiegu USB cable into the rear of the rig's COM port and configure using the IC-7100 protocol - very easy!

What works: freq/band change, VFO A/B swaps, mode change (AM/LSB/USB/CW), Pre-amp, Split and PTT. I may look into changing flrig's source to include a more sparse G1M control layout:

Here is a short demo video showing how the Raspberry Pi and LCD touchscreen work with flrig:

The Raspberry Pi and flrig work well together! Now I have a portable controller for all my rigs!

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  1. Hi Willie, do you make these for sale? Thank you Eddie.