Saturday, October 19, 2019

Review of the Dead Air Odessa-9 Suppressor

The Dead Air Odessa-9 Suppressor

In the spring of 2019 my LGS shooting club had a presentation by the southeast Dead Air rep. He came with a variety of weapons and suppressors. I liked all of them and it was a good chance to shoot some very unique and powerful weapons with a suppressor.

But I'm a small-caliber dude, so my guns are 9mm, .357, .38SPL, .380ACP, .32ACP, and rimfire (.22LR and .22WMR). One Dead Air suppressor caught my eye for several reasons:

1. Quality Build (like all Dead Airs) - stainless with locking threads

2. Versatility (modularity) - 11 sections for tuning your level of suppression

3. Packaging - comes in a nice heavy-duty plastic box with sectioned compartments and tools

4. Versatility (range of calibers) - everything from .17HMR to 9mm - this was a major reason for my purchase... i do have a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 in 9mm (not a great carbine IMHO, but that's another story).

So I bought one via a Silencer Shop kiosk - a one-stop shopping for all paperwork including fingerprinting and photowork.

And imagine my surprise when my tax stamp came through in less than 90 days:

I have an FN Browning Hi-Power, purchased new in 1985, so i purchased an Alpha Wolf threaded stainless barrel and paired it with my new suppressor (as shown above).

I am very pleased with my Odessa-9. It is a keeper!

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